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We will help you publish your message. All organizations want and need to publish messages to others! Sometimes the need is to expand the number of people that are aware of your product, services or activites. Sometimes the need is to reach a more limited group with specific instructions or general information. And sometimes the need is to provide an area for a group to exchange information.

Our principals have been using the Internet for more than a decade and have been assisting business to do business on the Internet since 1994. RightNet provides a variety of services on their equipment that facilitate your efforts to communicate on the interent:

by providing you your own private mail list(s)(not SPAM),
hosting your Internet Domain,
hosting your World Wide Web pages,
hosting your private discussion or news group,
or some other Internet related service.

Each of these have advantages for applications where they are most effective:

World Wide Web
News and Discussion Groups
Mail Lists
How Compelling?Web pages are the least compelling delivery mode because people don't automatically or by human nature find your information. People tend more to browse through themWhile more compelling than web pages, newsgroups can be browsed and are not as compelling as e-mailE-mail is the most compelling mode of delivering information. Hardly anyone will get on the Internet without reading their e-mail. But of course you must have addressed the e-mail to them either directly or using a mail list.
Breadth of exposureAnyone of the over 500 million people around the world on the net can see your page, but it will be one of more than 3 billion pages they might look at. The information you want conveyed is stored in the same place for everyone and you can consider that everyone comes directly to you to receive the information (proxy servers excluded). So the issues is: how do they find you? In today's world that's generally handled by search engines of which Google is the most prominent followed by Yahoo.Private newsgroups provide a centralized place to post information that is restricted to an authorized group and can be effective for collaboration. Public newsgroups operate like interconnected bulletin board systems accepting a post at one server and then migrating the post to adjacent servers until all servers that cover the topic around the world have received the message. This can happen in a matter of minutes in today's Internet and the message is stored in thousands of servers. There is a substantial protocol that has been developed to manage the introduction of new topics to the public newsgoup service (Usenet News)E-mail lists are a more targeted means of passing information from one user to a mail server which then replicates and forwards the message to each name on the list. Only list members receive the message. Since the message goes directly to a specific group and most people read mail as often as they connect to the internet, it is usually the fastest method to spread information to a targeted audience. Unfortunately its effectiveness is being deluted by those who use this technology in a less or untargeted manner(SPAM).
Can access be controlled?Although every Web page is directly addressable from any browser anywhere on the internet, access can still be controlled through logins and passwords and even more exotic techniques. Generally though the Web is used for information of general interest and not as frequently for information that needs restrictions. Control is generally on a page by page basis, but browsers often remember the login and passwords and provide them to the server automatically once they have been established in a session.Public newsgoups (Usenet News) do not control access but news servers on a contolled server (not replicating news out to other servers) may require a login and password to access specific newsgoups.By its nature mail is controlled to the group on the list. Mail list software has a variety of controls to define who and how someone can get on the distribution list that control posts from: anyone cam post, only list subscribers can post, only authorized sub group can post, to only the moderator or one individual can post.
UpdatesUpdates to web pages are very straight forward. It has the advantage that at the moment an update is complete the new information has totally replaced the previous information. For example, a prices may be updated leaving no trace of the previous price structure amounts. The customer who accesses it in the next instant gets the new prices. But, the largest ISP's may operate proxey web servers and if your updated page is cached, it will not be updated until the cache expires, usually in a few hours.Updating information on a news or discussion server makes it available right away, but the old information may also still be available since new posts do not overlay the older posts. It is possible to delete obsolete news posts, but not commonly done.Updating information on mail lists is simply sending out the new and advising the recipient to disregard previous information. Since the information is always located nearest to the recipients, there is no way for the originator to remove prio information that needs updating.
SummaryThe Web excells in distribution of information with broad appeal where the originator is not aware who or where the set of recipients are. Recipients must find the originators site. This is usually accomplished by getting recognized by the principle search engines.News or Discussion Groups are good for letting recipients locate the originator, probably are less intrusive on the recipient since the recipient chooses to read the news group to get the information.Mail lists are the surest, most compelling delivery method to reach the pre-identified audience.

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