RightNet's Background

RightNet, Inc. was founded in September 1996 to provide tools and funtions that make the Internet more productive for everyone. RightNet pursued activities that would make the requirements to enhance productivity clear:

  1. In the beginning RightNet continue the turnkey service program initiated by Net+Effects, Inc. providing turnkey systems for business people interested in getting a foot in the door providing Internet Services. In a little over two years Net+Effects helped to create a few more than a dozen very professional new ISP and Web Server Sites. Net+Effects pioneered the model of building complete turnkey systems based on standard building blocks. In the instance of Net+Effects, those blocks included a microsparc workstation hardware platform with a SunOS 4.1.4 operating system.

    Over time it became clear that Intel based technology was becoming more powerful and rugged multiuser scalable and safe operating software was becoming stable. RightNet was founded to take advantage of this:

  2. and secondly RightNet sponsors meetings that attract Internet developers and users to exchange ideas:

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President and CEO, Bill Selmeier

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