Bill Selmeier, Principal

Bill Selmeier founded RightNet in September of 1996 to provide entry level solutions to internet business. Previously he had co-founded Net+Effects which became one of the original Internet Server turnkey providers in 1994.

Mr. Selmeier's experience includes over 25 years of marketing and selling high technology system products. In networking he was the key marketing person in establishing several ISP's in the San Francisco Bay Area. He was a member of the North American ISDN Users Group in its early days. He held several marketing and sales positions with companies innovating in Local Area Networks during the 1980's.

He is active in promoting Internet knowledge through the Silicon Valley Computer Club's Internet SIG which he chairs. He also founded the Internet Developer / Technology Group.

Previous to that he performed many influential tasks in the establishment of electronic checkout including developing a key financial benefits and justification position, identifing detailed product requirements, and measuring and promoting the implementation of UPC source marking on consumer products.

He holds bachelors and masters of science degrees from the University of Michigan.