RightNet's Policies on Privacy

This statment covers our policies for both web accesses and mail list participation. RightNet believes the internet is a wonderful resource for personal empowerment because of the rapid access to a wide range of extremely current information.

However, it can also be used to collect more relatively personal information, sometimes identifiable down to you as an individual (or at least to the user(s) of your individual browser or mail client.) There is tremendous economic advantage in being able to make these identifications which is driving a whole sub-industry on the internet.

In recognition of this the recognized Internet Standards groups are working on ways to assist internet users in maintaining an appropriate level of personal privacy. Noteable among these is the P3P initiative of the W3C Form (geek talk for the Platform for Privacy Preferences Project of the World Wide Web Consortium).

In October 1998, the Internet Developer / Technology Group, sponsored by RightNet, Inc, heard Lorrie Faith Craner, the project leader for the P3P initiative speak on policies and technologies proposed to protect individual privacy. You can review her talk at http://www.inetdevgrp.org/19981015. Briefly the initiative is proposing that a network negotiation take place between your client software and the server software prior to your obtaining information from any web site as to what information will be collected about you and how it will be used. But all this is in the future and the data collection is going on now. Because it is important to you to know how information is being used, RightNet is stating its Privacy Policies:

If you have further questions about our privacy policy, please contact the Bill Selmeier.

Updated 12/15/98

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